2018   Base Price Printing

 Cost For Apparel

 For signs (yard signs, aluminum signs, vinyl banners & informational signs) & team jersey's uniforms, please call to discuss your needs so we can get you an accurate quote. 

#1 Question we get

 "How much is it going to cost?"


It is a VERY rare occasion that two orders would have the same Cost Per Product (CPP). That is why it is so hard to give you an accurate "ball park" figure without a few specifics. Artwork preparation, substrate style, substrate size (garments in 2 XL and up are more expensive), color of substrate, number of colors of inks, type of inks, number of locations of print, special processes and shipping if necessary. It may seem like a complicated process, but we are here to help.  It really is just a check list that needs to be handled one step at a time and all steps are pretty straight forward.  Some times it takes just a few minutes, sometimes people are more particular or it is a very complex design which may take a bit more assistance from us which we are happy to give. Here are the steps:


1) Artwork fee (30 min. included free with all projects).

($45/hr (First 30 minutes are free) for designs printed by us, $60/hr for freelance designs)


2) Garment or substrate cost.


3) Set up fees based on #colors for specific location.

      (Each location is handled as a separate print/set-up fee if different design or size)


4) Print charge: Number of colors per location & ink used.


5) Additional options: Fashion Feel+, Folded & Bagged, Out of Area Shipping, etc.




Once we know  what the decisions are for the 5 steps we can give you the Cost Per Product (CPP) and your total cost for your order. Comparing CPP is the best way to get an apples to apples comparison to other choicesBelow are some scenarios of past jobs to help you get an idea of what your costs might be.